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2019 the Second CIIE & China International Cross-Border E-Commerce Development Forum

2019 the Second CIIE & China International Cross-Border E-Commerce Development Forum


On Nov. 6, 2019, our company are fortunate to follow the Chamber of Commerce to participate in the Cross-Border E-Commerce Development Forum and the Second China International Import Expo.

In this lovely season tinted with deep autumn hues, there are 64 countries (including China) and 3 international organizations participating in the exhibition. Among them, 15 host countries (in alphabetical order) are Cambodia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Peru, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Zambia. As a concentrated display platform for the development achievements, business environment and characteristic industries of various countries, the image design of each pavilion of the National Exhibition of the Expo is ingenious.

As President Xi said: Standing at a new historical starting point, China will open its door only wider to the world.China will reach out its arms and offer countries in the world more opportunities of market, investment and growth. Together, we can achieve development for all. Looking forward, China will follow the new development approach and the strategy of innovation-driven development, and redouble our efforts to foster new growth drivers by shifting the growth model, improving the economic structure, and creating new growth momentum. We believe such efforts will not only bring China high-quality development but also new growth opportunities for the global economy. 


We will also seize the opportunity to bring better products and services to customers from all over the world, and win-win cooperation!

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