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3 big benefits of fabric air duct in low temperature environment

3 big benefits of fabric air duct in low temperature environment


Low-temperature air supply belongs to non-isothermal air supply. Due to the low air supply temperature, it is easy to have the problem of "cold air" falling to the working area quickly or "hot air" floating above the working area and not fully mixing with the air in the working area. And because the temperature of the air supply is usually lower than the dew point temperature of the surrounding air, it is easy to produce "fogging" and dripping phenomenon at the air supply port, damaging the indoor environment.  These problems put forward higher requirements for the end air supply device of low-temperature air supply air conditioning system. In view of the problem that the system is prone to cold air feeling and the surface of tuyere is easy to condense, it is very important to rationally select the end air supply device of the system. Air distribution pipe with refrigeration equipment for the end of the airflow layout, won the user's recognition. The three major benefits of the programme are as follows:

1. More accurate

The production materials of fabric bag air duct are diverse, and the airflow distribution is affected by the radian, orifice shape, orifice size, orifice position and porosity of the material. In engineering application, in order to obtain accurate air supply organization, according to the different requirements of the environment, ASSIST CFD technology and professional software for system design, fabric air duct will evenly and accurately send air to the designated space.

2. More economical

Fabric air duct for low temperature air supply, in order to meet the temperature requirements at the same time, can maximize the reduction of investment. Air conditioning air volume and refrigeration unit equipment energy consumption reduction is to reduce the initial investment of the most fundamental, the most direct and the most effective way, the use of air-cooled condensing unit as a cold source, equipment integration automation degree is high, it makes all the air and water treatment, transportation and distribution equipment, Including air conditioning boxes, water pumps, pipes and accessories, air terminal equipment, air conditioning automatic control system equipment quantity and capacity are greatly reduced, air conditioning room area, pipeline required building space, air conditioning equipment power demand is also reduced, significantly reduce the initial investment in air conditioning system.

3. More energy saving

The reduction of air conditioning system conveying equipment, so that the energy consumption of conveying equipment significantly reduced. The overall energy efficiency coefficient of the air conditioning system can be improved, and the cost of system operation and equipment maintenance and replacement will also be reduced, truly "saving energy and saving money". At the same time,  fabric air duct makes the cold air and indoor air mix quickly and evenly, can quickly cool down to the design temperature, shorten the air conditioning boot time, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

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