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A field trip to the Casarte Intelligent Manufacturing Center

A field trip to the Casarte Intelligent Manufacturing Center


Casarte is an international high-end household appliance brand. She was born for love, the art of home. Since the establishment of Casarte brand, never forget the original intention, like doing art to make home appliances. With advanced strategic vision, she has insight into consumption upgrading, maintained technological leadership, and always pursued science and technology, delicacy and art. Now she has grown into a well-deserved international high-end household appliance brand.

Shanghai Casarte Intelligent Manufacturing Center will be built into a world-leading E-Union ecological manufacturing base. As the first E-Union ecological intelligent manufacturing center in the world, this project will realize the interconnection of ecological resources and export complete sets of customized solutions with the help of Haier Industrial Internet platform COSMOPlat, becoming a demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing in the Yangtze River Delta.

Casarte's high-end manufacturing center covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters, mainly producing high-end Casatti washing machines such as Gemini, clothes dryers, care machines, and folding machines. The project will be built into a comprehensive base integrating industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing and research and development centers, and a demonstration base for mass customized intelligent manufacturing of high-end intelligent hardware and services such as washing machines and clothes dryers.

The site visit was an evaluation of the Casarte project. The ventilation, opening and air volume of the air ducts in the huge manufacturing center had to be verified several times so that the project could be implemented to meet the requirements of the manufacturing center.

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