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A pair of k thermocouple surface of cold plate the principle of measuring the change in temperature

by:JVTIA     2020-11-11
Instrument measuring heat and hydraulic performance of the cooling plate
from advanced thermal solutions iflow - assessment 200 system of the thermal and hydraulic characteristics in electronic cooling cooling plate. It measures the temperature of the coolant in the import and export, liquid flow rate and pressure drop, the surface temperature. iflow - 200 can be used to simulate various conditions to optimize the performance of the cold plate or before before commercialization, used in a practical application.
iflow - 200 measure coolant temperature at 0 & deg; & C to 70 deg. The accuracy of C & plusmn; 1° C。 Cold cooling plate differential pressure measuring 103000 Pa ( 15 psi) 。 Distilled water is a reference to the coolant. For test comparison, coolingVIEW software thermal resistance and pressure drop can be calculated as a function of the choosing liquid flow rate.
instrument system consists of a pair of k thermocouple to measure temperature change on the surface of cold plate. Temperature monitoring in coolingVIEW interface.
iflow - 200 the setting of system features easy to save time and operating in evaluating model of the different cold plate. Design accuracy and convenience, iflow - 200 just need to set the start and end of coolant flow rate, and chose to live time, pumping power and other parameters. These is easy to use in any PC user friendly application of the system.
iflow - 200 system characteristics and USB connection separate controller and hydraulic accessories. Hydraulic package includes a liquid level indicator, the coolant water bay media from/to the cold test board, the surface temperature of thermocouple port, fluid cooling system of the internal heat exchanger.
precision temperature controller software and data retrieval
5 r7 - model 388 rohs compliant controller is a two-way control independent thermoelectric module and auxiliary or complementary resistance heater cooling and heating applications. H bridge configuration solid-state MOSFET current output device allows two-way flow of thermoelectric module. Efficient n channel output device is used to control the mode.
the controller PC programmable interface directly by RS232 communication port compatible with PC. Convenient communication link allows multiple operation mode configuration. Field to select parameters or data collection can be performed in half duplex mode. The controller will receive a communication cable length according to the speciation RS232 interface. Once you have a required set parameters, the computer may be disconnected and model r7-5 388 become a unique, independent of the controller. All parameter Settings are retained in non-volatile memory.
additional features include a complete h bridge, 36 VDC output using split supply, P, I, D or on/off control, alarm circuit, RS232 communication port and computer configuration & other; T” Good to - thermocouple 328° F - 500 & deg; F。
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