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An in-depth Fish Fryer And California Rock Cod

by:JVTIA     2020-07-11
One of my favorite fishing trips is on the north coast of California for rock cod, some thing of my favorite to help prepare it is with a deep fish fryer. The problem is you have to catch it before you can cook it, and that's why I like fishing for rock cod. If you will get your boat in the water, and you know where the reef is, you are going to trap fish. It's just that simple. And a fresh catch along using a deep fish fryer, combine to make a delicious meal. After all, for too much time we fish is to put food on the table. After spending a day on the water, and the time and energy to clean and prep your catch, a tasty meal of deep fried rock cod is a nice reward. When selecting your deep fryer, the first choice you must make is, electric or gas. If you're like me and do an involving outdoor cooking without electricity available, your only choice can be a propane burner. One of the best is the Bayou Classic fish cookers. They are well built, portable propane burners, and n accessible. To prepare your rock cod for your deep fryer you really need to fillet them. Customs cut out the rib cage and view for any other bones you may need missed. Then trim your fillets into 2' strips. Keeping your pieces of fish approximately the same size, helps particular all are properly cooked. Next, you might want to coat your angle. You can use a batter or coat it with egg and breadcrumbs. I generally should you prefer a beer batter, but, it comes down to personal preference. Be sure you do coat it. This helps keep the oil out and the moisture in. Make sure you use a vegetable oil with a high smoking point. I generally use peanut oil, but canola oil or soybean oil will be well. You decide to pre-heat the oil to 350-375 degrees F. You are not looking it to fall much under 350 degrees , maybe oil will soak through the batter making the fish taste greasy. When cooked at the proper temperature, your batter will thought of a crispy golden brown and the cod will be moist and delicious. So, make sure you have a quality thermometer in addition to your deep fish fryer. If not, can certainly drop a small piece of bread in the hot oil, if it turns golden brown within 45-60 seconds, the oil temperature is fine.Don't overload your fryer, as scrumptious meals lower the oil temperature. Just fry 3 to 6 pieces of fish at a time, depending on how large is your fryer. And now, you are going to eat, and website of tasty in order to consume your fried rock cod. It tastes great all by itself, or dip it in simple . sauce. One of my all time favorites is fish tacos. Whether you like a crispy shell or a soft shell, deep fried cod fits more than likely in either, and makes for a delicious meal. So, if you like catching fish, give California rock cod a try. Just remember, you have to know where the reefs are, so get some local an understanding. Oh yea, and don't forget your deep fish fryer.
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