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Analysis of the characteristics and technical parameters of industrial thermocouples

by:JVTIA     2022-02-21
Industrial flameproof thermocouple is a kind of temperature sensor, which is widely used in the chemical industry automatic control system. Through the temperature sensor, the temperature parameter of the control object can be turned into an electrical signal, which is transmitted to the display, recording and conditioning instrument, and the system is implemented. Detection, conditioning and control. In chemical plants, the production site is often accompanied by various flammable, explosive and other chemical gases and vapors. If ordinary thermocouples are used, it is very unsafe, and it is easy to cause environmental gas explosions. Therefore, explosion-proof thermocouples must be used as temperature sensors in these places. Application industry Products are widely used in steelmaking and ironmaking, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, glass ceramics, plastics and rubber, brewing and pharmaceuticals, light industry and textiles, food, tobacco, water treatment, thermal power and nuclear industries. Industrial use, thermal resistance as a sensor for temperature measurement and control is matched with display instruments to directly measure and control the temperature of gas, liquid and steam in the production process. Explosion-proof thermocouple. The structure, principle and assembly method of thermal resistance are basically the same. The main difference is that the junction box (shell) of explosion-proof products is designed with high-strength aluminum alloy die-casting, and has enough internal space, wall thickness and mechanical strength, rubber The thermal stability of the sealing ring conforms to the national explosion-proof standard. Explosion-proof thermocouple is a junction box and other components designed with sufficient strength using the gap explosion-proof principle. When there is a temperature gradient at both ends, there is current in the loop, then there is a thermoelectric explosion-proof explosion between the two ends. The principle of gap explosion-proof is applied, and the junction box and other components with sufficient strength are designed to prevent sparks, arcs and other components from being generated. The parts at risk temperature are sealed in the junction box. When an explosion occurs in the cavity, it can be extinguished and cooled through the gap of the joint surface, so that the flame and temperature after the explosion will not be transmitted to the outside of the cavity.
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