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Analyze the different features of anti-corrosion heat resistance - Shanghai dragon instrument electric appliance co. , LTD

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Anticorrosion adopts multi-layer thermal resistor ( Anti-corrosion heat resistance coating maintenance tube is usually thick wall 316 l and 904 l steel pipe overall sintered ptfe and wear-resistant anti-corrosion layer) Structure, anticorrosive effect and use life by many domestic enterprises use the facts prove that for a long time. Anti-corrosion heat resistance of ptfe anti-corrosion layer of our company adopts domestic advanced the whole sintering process of sintering, and processing manufacturing process not prevent other seam is easy to leak problem. The application of this technology makes me anticorrosion heat resistance, and other products of the company's uniform utilizing life ( In the absence of larger wear environment) Beyond one year. Use the site often exist high velocity particles measured medium serious erosion of heat resistance coating, anticorrosive thermal resistance in the anticorrosive layer outside my company and a layer of wear-resistant materials, layer in a environment with scouring can effectively extend the service life of coating using 8 - Ten times, different from other domestic same type anticorrosive thermal resistance. Anticorrosive thermal resistance are all made of domestic components, the product performance is stable, reliable, life is good at domestic same type anticorrosive thermal resistor several times, can work for a long time at temperature 220 ℃ temperature range or less
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