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And the applicable scope of the salt bath furnace thermocouple temperature is what _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Applications such as high temperature salt bath furnace thermocouple is mainly used in machinery industry and the continuous temperature measuring temperature salt bath furnace. The product high temperature molten salt corrosion and thermal shock, high reliability, long service life and won the second prize in 83 after the second prize of science and technology has been extended to all parts of the country. Main technical indicators: dividing, tolerance values, the service life of thermal shock resistance of molten salt composition tau zero thermal response time. 5 ( s) s±0. 25% t in 1280 ℃ bacl2 molten salt life is greater than 15 ℃ 1280 ℃, 1400 hours in crack of repeated 50 times not bacl2 applicable scope and using temperature: the temperature WRNKD, a series of: outer protective casing with nickel base alloy as substrate, using high-energy ion injection technology, the casing surface form 0. 35 MMH thick layer of mosi2, can effectively prevent metal ion corrosion, salt corrosion; Using high temperature wire, effective isolation slightly polluted the atmosphere. Under 1100 ℃ can be continuous use a month or so, apply to general parts of the salt bath normalized processing, has the very high cost performance. High temperature wrpky series: outer protective casing in molten salt liquid part adopts mosi2 as advanced skeleton of a metal ceramic composite materials, salt and metal ions, corrosion resistant, high temperature can reach 12800 c, internal adopts high temperature wire, effective isolation slightly polluted the atmosphere. Under 1280 ℃ can use more than 60 days in a row, suitable for high speed steel, alloy steel, salt bath quenching, normalizing treatment.
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