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Anti Icing System, And Roof Drains

by:JVTIA     2020-07-08
Formed in a bitter winter icicles and ice lead to destruction of the roof system, deformation, rupture of sewers and water damage on the facades. Located on top of precipitation, that don't represent any impending danger. But there are conditions for the melting of snow, while it turns to water. If for no outflow of water, then freezing, drinking water turns to ice. This mechanism of formation of ice dams can lead to the formation of icicles over ten meters in length and weighing hundreds of pounds. To protect against ice dams, icicles and snow on the top of the cable system installed special heating and de-icing. The rewards heating and de-icing gutters and roof: Removal of dangerous icicles formed, reduces the risk of creating accidents Protects facades and roof from damage Increases living of the roofing system Allows of which you save on maintenance and cleaning for this roof of a roof ice dams and icicles Raises the aesthetic advantage of the building The principle of operation of cable heating system and roof gutters In the most vulnerable places the roof (gutters, gutters and other) heating cable is placed. With aid from humidity and temperature sensors mounted on the roof, 'read' the atmospheric condition and the impact on the thermostat that controls the system. gutter heaters When the weather conditions conditions conducive to the of ice - this appears during the rainfall inside of cooler times the year or melting snow upon the main organ of the roof your melting of snow - the will be switched on and heating cable is noticed that you give off heat. Formed with water safely and easily flows down the drains and gutters. So that the free flow heating cable is placed on the water all approach. A typical defrost system includes in its membership the following components: 1.nagrevatelnye cable; 2.termoregulyatory; Three. wiring products (circuit breaker, circuit breakers, magnetic starters; 4.montazhnaya box; Five. regarding connections (couplings); 6.kontsevye stub; 7, 2. fastener. The main element of the anti-icing gutters and roofs - an electric heating cable. Using the technical associated with objects, tasks and opportunities of customers it may be accomplished to use several regarding heating cables: self-regulating and resistive. More reliable, efficient and economical to use self-regulating satellite tv. They are designed as a distributed resistance, which will ensure equal tension between the tires your entire length from the cable. Additional polymer that accocunts for the core of the cable, regulated output power cable system changes in external temperature factors (the lower the temperature, much better heat will allocate system). Cable effectively save electricity, does not overheat the material of the rooftop. The disadvantages of self-regulating cable can be attributed to be able to rather large value compared to the resistive terminals. Managed anti-icing system a good electronic regulator. Depending on the job, the customer's requirements and characteristics of creating is selected, or the remote control sensor, or possibly a mini-weather station with humidity sensor and temperature (heating is automatically activated once the presence of precipitation).
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