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Any brands for high end thermocouple thermometer ?
Are you looking for a brand for high-end thermocouple thermometer ? After many years of continuous improvement, our brand - JVTIA - has become a well-established one on the market, met with recognition and appreciation by customers home and abroad. We guarantee high standards of quality, performance, and appealing look. Customers can count on our professional production approach, based on advanced technology, proven materials, and extensive knowledge, to get quality-assured products. We invite those looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to cooperation.

Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd builds up the reputation from strong manufacturing capacity. We have become one of the leading producer and exporter of ntc thermistor 10k. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including digital temperature sensor. JVTIA thermocouple sensor is technologically improved in the CRI. Thanks to its modified total internal reflection(TIR) capacity, the illumination brightness of the product has increased significantly. It is water-resistant and rust-resistant. The product is able to withstand high temperature. Especially its inner parts such as food trays are not subject to deformation or crack during the hot dehydrating process. It can resist certain impacts and external collisions.

We will practice sustainable development from now till the end. We have upgraded our production way. We have introduced many facilities which promote green production and are helpful in reducing emission.
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