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Any export certifications on k type thermocouple temperature range ?
Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd k type thermocouple temperature range is authorized with related international export certification. We have gained export licenses, such as CE which makes the product to be freely traded in EU member states. In order to help our products enter into the international market and become more competitive, we have successfully gained authorized export license to make export business more convenient.

Since its inception, Jiutian has been recognized as a trustworthy manufacturer in China. We have been providing quality rtd sensor pt100 to the market. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including thermocouple head. The color tolerance of JVTIA digital temperature sensor is closely related with the accuracy of color temperature, and the product has been tested and verified that its standard deviation of color matching is kept within 5(SDCM≤5). Seamless welding is guaranteed to be applied in the joints of the product. The product contains no harmful substances. At the production stage, the threads used to create the fabric was not treated with any chemical. The product has undergone coating to have a glossy surface.

We take steps to minimize energy consumption and waste in our manufacturing, keeping costs and environmental considerations in mind.
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