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Application field of fabric air duct

Application field of fabric air duct


Fabric air duct has more obvious advantages than traditional metal duct, and its application prospect is more extensive. At present, fabric air duct has been applied to various fields, involving the public field, commercial field and industrial field. Especially for the uniformity of air temperature and air quality requirements more stringent places.

For example, the public domain is applied to the exhibition space, conference center, transportation hub, office and other large space public places. Such areas generally have high space, and the grid structure can not bear the load. The air conditioning area is large, and the air supply range is long, but the wind speed has certain requirements

Commercial application in supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment and other large space commercial places, such areas are generally large air conditioning area, small space, large air supply, uniform and comfortable air supply without dead angle, there are certain requirements for beauty;

Industrial applications in food, electronic machinery, chemical medicine, printing and textile, warehousing, tobacco and other large space industrial plants, some of these areas have suspended ceiling, some no ceiling, high space, large air supply, complex installation, uniform air supply.

At the same time, the selection of fabric air duct is mainly based on several aspects:

1.Product quality to temperature evenness, cleanliness of high demand, in some frozen food processing workshops, for example, in the air because of the traditional food factory aerobic, is wet, bacteria in aerobic and water environment are more likely to breed, as a result, such sites requires a large capacity, low wind speed, clean.

2.Whether the air supply has an adverse effect on production workers. Traditional air duct point air supply is often easy to cause the workers under the wind to feel uncomfortable, causing all kinds of human health problems. The fabric air duct delivery and distribution system is a unique air supply mode through fiber penetration and jet hole jet. The air supply area is large, the wind speed is lower than that of the traditional air duct and the distribution is uniform, so that the indoor workers have good comfort and avoid a variety of problems.

3.Coordination of indoor environment has high requirements. In some public and commercial fields, the coordination and beauty of the overall environment have higher requirements. The fabric air duct can meet the needs of environmental coordination through personalized design and production according to the needs.

4.Economical installation cost, short construction period and simple maintenance are important conditions. Low engineering cost, short installation cycle, easy disassembly and assembly, low maintenance costs are important aspects of this field.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Fabric air duct is made of special and permeable fiber material, presenting a flexible pipe body. The installation effect is mostly tubular fiber pipe, which is hung on the fixed cable or slide rail by hook. It has a novel and beautiful appearance. Compared with the traditional duct, the installation method, air supply and exhaust effect have greater advantages, more extensive application field, application prospect will be more common.


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