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Application of CFD technology in fabric duct solution of cold storage temperature difference

Application of CFD technology in fabric duct solution of cold storage temperature difference


In the practical application of cold storage, due to the placement of goods in the cold storage, the placement area will cause air flow resistance in the cold storage room, as well as the different location of the air cooler in the cold storage and the different return air mode of the air cooler, the existence of these factors will lead to uneven air distribution in the cold storage room. Through scientific and advanced technical theory and CFD simulation method, JvtiaDuct has provided complete fabric duct air supply solutions for Hengdu Food Cold Storage, Jiaozuo Longfeng Leather cold storage, Wuhan Xinyunhua Seed Cold storage, Hunan Xiangtan Free Trade Zone cold chain logistics warehousing, Ningxia Free Trade Zone Halal beef and mutton logistics warehousing center and other projects.

CFD technology provides the best reference for the above problems. It can simulate the flow of the whole flow field by building a model and using reliable numerical calculation, so as to better analyze the flow situation of the fluid in the cold storage. The reasonable gas flow field in the cold storage can ensure the uniform distribution of cold volume, improve heat transfer efficiency, reduce the dry consumption of goods, improve the storage quality of goods, and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Simulating air fluid to control laboratory airflow, the whole flow law and dynamic parameters of gas entering space and exiting atmosphere through Mihib duct were studied. CFD method is used to simulate the influence of different fan outlet modes on air flow in cold storage, the influence of different fan installation positions on air flow in large cold storage, the influence of space arrangement in cold storage and wind speed of fan on cargo storage.

Through the simulation of various schemes, different airflow fields in cold storage operation are obtained. Then, after scientific screening, the air supply scheme of air distribution pipe without vortex area is selected, which completely solves the problem of uneven air supply of cold storage.

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