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Application of fabric air duct system for piggery

Application of fabric air duct system for piggery


In animal husbandry, livestock sheds are the gathering place of many livestock and poultry. Therefore, in cold areas in winter, it is necessary to keep warm in livestock sheds and replace fresh air, which are also the key to the normal growth of livestock and poultry. The female pen cooling system uses an innovative jet system to deliver the cold air generated by the air cooler directly to the sows without affecting the ambient temperature of the piglets around the sows, making it the best choice for female pen cooling in the current environment.Diaphragm cooling system is used in the air duct of gestation piggery, which can supply air downward to cool down in summer and fresh air upward in winter

1) Air outlet design, design the air mode according to the project requirements

2) Simple installation, convenient disassembly and cleaning

3) The material is light and has no bearing risk to the old piggery.

3. How to apply it

1) With negative pressure fan, instead of small ventilation window

2) Combine with negative pressure fan axial fan and air distribution pipe

3) Old piggery cooling transformation, wet curtain fan and air duct combination

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