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Application of Pipeline Temperature and Humidity Sensor in Ventilation Pipeline

by:JVTIA     2022-06-14
While the requirements for the quality of life and the quality of the environment are constantly improving, we must also find ways to improve the living or working environment and air quality to achieve the purpose of improving the effect. So now more and more companies or factories in the market choose to install fabric duct ventilation ducts. For fabric duct ventilation ducts, the major role is to allow air to circulate, especially for some densely populated or closed spaces, which can better reflect the necessity of ventilation duct installation. Generally, enterprises or factories are more concerned about the CO2 concentration or ventilation volume, and the emission of volatile organic gases. The growth of bacteria in pipes is often overlooked. Especially in the ventilation process, some organic matter will be deposited in the duct, and the temperature and humidity in the ventilation duct is very beneficial to the survival and reproduction of germs and microorganisms. The germ-laden dust was raised indoors again. If people are exposed to such an environment for a long time, respiratory diseases or construction diseases will be inevitable. Therefore, the temperature and humidity in the ventilation ducts must be strictly controlled, and the cleaning should be done regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria. The installation points on the pipeline are generally difficult to access, and it is difficult for the monitor to monitor in real time. Therefore, it is necessary to use a temperature and humidity sensor for detection at this time. There are many kinds of temperature and humidity sensors on the market, and there are different types according to the needs of the environment. Here, we have sorted out three kinds of temperature and humidity sensors for you to choose reasonably. There are four types of pipeline transmitters: air duct temperature and humidity transmitter, digital display temperature and humidity transmitter (analog signal output and RS485 signal output), long pipe temperature and humidity transmitter. Air duct temperature and humidity sensor: The air duct temperature and humidity transmitter adopts imported temperature and humidity measuring device, with small displacement and high precision. The pipe type installation method is convenient for on-site installation. It adopts anti-interference circuit design and can withstand various strong electromagnetic interference, such as on-site frequency converters. Gas molecules can enter, and can prevent dust particles and water droplets from entering. It is suitable for humid and high dust occasions and is durable. And adopts 485 communication interface, standard ModBus-RTU protocol, can set the communication address, can set the baud rate, the communication line can be up to 2000 meters; The wire can be quickly connected without a screwdriver on site, and can be adapted to a wire diameter of 0.3~2.0mm2; digital display tube temperature and humidity sensor: digital display tube type temperature and humidity transmitter wall-mounted high protection level, protection level IP65, rainproof Snow, breathable, with a display function that displays the current temperature and humidity in real time. The use of industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer chips imported from the United States and imported high-precision temperature sensors ensure the high precision and reliability of the products. The product adopts particle sintered probe sheath, the probe is directly connected with the shell, and the appearance is beautiful. The output signal type is RS485, the long distance is 2000 meters, and the standard modbus protocol for secondary development is supported. Long-pipe temperature and humidity transmitter: Its basic functions are basically the same as that of the duct-type temperature and humidity transmitter, with the following differences: the duct-type temperature and humidity transmitter uses RS485 signal output, and the duct-type temperature and humidity transmitter uses analog signal output. The long tube temperature and humidity sensor is mainly used in narrow pipeline space. After selecting a reasonable temperature and humidity monitoring equipment, it is not only necessary to control the temperature and humidity of the ventilation pipe, but also to ensure the cleanliness of the interior of the ventilation pipe. In the case of normal ventilation, we must not only ensure the basic fresh air demand, but also ensure the introduction of fresh air throughout the process to ensure our health.
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