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As a representative products have been in focus in the field of flow meter

by:JVTIA     2020-12-15
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magnetic flap thermometer thermometer factory has become a major industry measuring liquid level is one of the indispensable measuring tool, but how to better use of the advantage of the magnetic flap thermometer, let it play a bigger role, magnetic flap thermometer at the time of use, can be in the case of high temperature and high pressure operation, and at work, the magnetic flap also has certain corrosion resistance thermometer, thus greatly increasing the service life of the magnetic flap thermometer, magnetic flap thermometer ontology tube adopts the seamless steel tube at the same time, using the hole connecting pipe welding, internal without scratches.
the magnetic flap in numerous liquid level gauge thermometer is relatively safe and reliable testing instrument. Because the magnetic flap thermometer consists of ontology, the flap box ( Consists of red, white double color small magnetic flap) , float, flange cover, isolation of airtight structure, so the magnetic flap in flammable and corrosive liquid thermometer can also be measured accurately. Magnetic flap as representative products in the field of flow meter, thermometer has long been the focus of industrial production is can carry on the work order, depends on the application of magnetic flap thermometer. And the presence of the magnetic flap thermometer, bring our production practical help it goes without saying that the role of the thermometer mainly used to up and down the height of the liquid in the tank, its measurement principle is to observe the liquid floating rolling state and then by red and white double column for warning to the user, construction personnel can be clearly observed through the calibration panel of liquid level.
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