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Battery Technology in The Saw

by:JVTIA     2020-07-07
Motivated partly by the european Environmental Bureau's push to phase out nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries, the development of an platic shipping crates battery that out-perform existing batteries became increasingly important, if not an urgent need, for saw manufacturers. The lithium-ion battery revolution has increasingly gained momentum because brand new batteries are lighter weight, and provide more power in smaller cells than previous battery options. For example, our Li-Power line provides 40 percent more energy and weighs 40 percent less even though the same size NiCad car battery. Lithium-ion batteries are for sale with cordless drill drivers, reciprocating saws, circular saws and our cordless rotary hammer. We chose to make these tools available with Li-ion power because might our newest, most ergonomically designed tools extra features, as well as felt it was vital to provide professional users with probably the most tool and battery combination available. In addition, we chose our BSZ drill-driver line because the present NiCad line already featured our air-cooled technology that's required to cool batteries for faster charging you should also longer battery. The lithium-ion batteries are interchangeable the actual NiCad batteries in this line for additional user relaxation. A safe lithium-ion program One in the main circumstances that plagued early lithium-ion battery use was their instability and possibility to cause fires or explosions. Through extensive R&D efforts, technology has been created to improve safety, increase performance and greatly extend the battery lifespan. We have seven patents related for your lithium-ion batteries and charging technologies. Safety features have been included typically the multifunctional display on our batteries. It's not hard to includes overload warning, temperature monitoring, battery capacity monitoring and an affordable capacity caution. It also features over-discharge protection, electronic overcharge protection that stops the charging processes when this is complete, and an integrated temperature sensor that monitors everyone cell and shuts battery down if it is too sizzling. As we continue to further improve the safety features and overall usability of our lithium-ion tools, we also plan to additional tools that will be going to powered by lithium-ion mental energy. We expect continued developments allow higher capacity, higher power output batteries - without adding substantial weight. Our tools currently run on 18 volts or less, but we plan to liberate a lithium-ion powered 24-volt platform next six to eight numerous weeks.
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