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Bimetallic thermometer for axial industry

by:JVTIA     2020-11-27
Along with the advance of industrial equipment, in order to meet different needs, many customers choose to use the axial type industrial bimetal thermometer, its installation, is advantageous to the temperature measurement accuracy, safety and reliability and convenient maintenance, and shall not affect the equipment operation and production operations. Axial type industrial bimetallic thermometer is pointer vertical connection tube plate and protection. Axial type industrial structure bimetallic thermometer is the round shape into threaded heat bimetallic strip as thermal devices, and put it in a protective sleeve tube, one end is fixed, known as the fixed end, the other end of the connection on a thin shaft, a free end. Spool at the free end is equipped with a pointer. When the temperature changes, the resulting thermal devices the free end of the rotation, drive the thin axis from the Angle of the pointer changes, corresponding temperature indicator on the dial. Meter below introduce you to a very useful type axial industrial bimetallic thermometer: T300C a thermometer, product name: bimetallic thermometer, pointer thermometer, piping, hvac, industrial thermometer thermometer thermometer using field: industry, petroleum, chemical industry, heating system, piping, hot water boiler, incubator, etc. Three, specification description: models: T300C types: hot shell bimetallic thermometer structure: axial type cover circle: flange type, full stainless steel material: stainless steel SS304 tooth head: 1/2 & quot; NPT other optional surface diameter: 75 mm heat pipe diameter: 6. 35 mm heat pipe length: 150 mm ( 50 - Optional) around 1200 mm. Temperature range: 0 - 120° C ( Can be customized) Accuracy: & plusmn; 1. Table: 5% glass protection grade: IP65 ( Dust, water) Four, product features: the scene display temperature, intuitive and convenient; Safe and reliable, long life, fast reading. Five, use notice: pay attention to the cleaning and inspection, testing on a regular basis. Six, service is introduced: the product we can also be customized according to your requirements, the corresponding parameters can be customized according to your need, in terms of use. Axial industrial bimetallic thermometer in custody, installation, use and transportation process, should try to avoid collision protection tube, do not make. To protect the tube bending and deformation. When installation, it is forbidden to twist the instrument shell. According to the above introduction, have on axial industry have a clear understanding of bimetallic thermometer?
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