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Bimetallic thermometer is chosen to do?

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
When mounted horizontally, the selection of bimetallic thermometer choose type axial or universal bimetallic thermometer; Vertical installation, select the radial or universal type bimetal thermometer; When installation, according to the actual need to select the axial and radial or universal type bimetal thermometer; If you need to control the measurement point set upper and lower alarm, can choose electric contact bimetallic thermometer. Bimetallic thermometer and the advantages and disadvantages of the bimetallic thermometer intuitive, the advantage is that the price is relatively cheap, reading of the small faults for temperature measurement range, relative precision is not high, usually as the in situ measurement, display instrument. So usually need to use choice according to the requirements of their corresponding thermometer. 选择双金属thermometerWhen安装水平,选择轴向或普遍的双金属温度计。 当垂直安装,选择径向或普遍的双金属温度计。 当倾斜安装,轴向、径向或普遍的双金属温度计应根据实际需要选择。 如果测量点数的上限和下限报警控制,可以选择一个电接点双金属温度计。 双金属的优点和缺点thermometerThe双金属温度计的优势在于相对较低的价格和直观的阅读。 双金属温度计的缺点是很小的温度测量范围和精度相对较低,通常在- 现场测量和显示仪器。 因此,它通常需要根据他们的需要选择相应的温度计。
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