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Bimetallic thermometer is how to classify and selection?

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
Specializing in the production of bimetal thermometer, thermocouple, heat resistance, is also a high and new technology enterprise of jiangsu province, taizhou products, integrity unit, etc. Good and cheap, are exported to overseas! The classification of the bimetallic thermometer 1, classification and selection guidelines by bimetallic thermometer pointer plate with the direction of protecting tube connection bimetallic thermometer can be divided into axial, radial and 135 ° to the model and universal model. (1) the axial type bimetallic thermometer: pointer vertical connection tube plate and protection. (2) the radial type bimetallic thermometer: pointer GuanPing line connection plate and protection. (3) type 135 ° to the bimetallic thermometer: pointer plate connected to protection tube into 135 °. (4) universal type bimetallic thermometer: pointer plate connected to the protecting tube Angle can be arbitrary adjustment. 2, the installation of the bimetallic thermometer fixed form in order to meet the needs of practical production, bimetallic thermometer has different installation fixed form: movable external thread pipe joint, movable threaded pipe joints, fixed nipple, card sets of nipple, flange joint and a fixed flange. 3, bimetallic thermometer model naming W S S - - - — No - form of protection W - type of permanent way Protection type 0 No fixed device F - 1 - to anti-corrosion type structure Movable external thread 0 2 - axial type Movable internal thread 1 - 3 - radial type Fixed screw 2 - 4-135 ° to type Fixed thread 3 - 5 - universal type 6 - card set of threaded casing of nominal diameter 3 - card flange φ60 4 - φ100 5 - Phi 125 thermal element is double metal metal expansion type temperature instruments
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