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Briefly describe the application of wear-resistant thermocouples in life

by:JVTIA     2022-04-13
Application of wear-resistant thermocouple Wear-resistant thermocouple is a kind of temperature sensor, which is used in high temperature and wear-resistant environment in industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry, cement plant, power plant and fluidized bed boiler. Uniform Conductor Law No matter what the conductor is, a closed circuit is formed by soldering both ends of the same uniform material (conductor or semiconductor). How in the cross section and temperature distribution, the contact potential will not be generated, the thermoelectric potential will be offset, and the total potential in the circuit will be zero. Therefore, the wear-resistant thermocouple is composed of two different uniform conductors or semiconductors. If the thermode material is not uniform, additional thermoelectric potential will be generated due to the presence of temperature gradients. Intermediate conductor law If the intermediate conductor is connected to the wear-resistant thermocouple circuit, as long as the temperature at both ends of the intermediate conductor is the same, the connection of the intermediate conductor has no effect on the total potential of the wear-resistant thermocouple circuit Application: According to the intermediate conductor law, in the actual wear resistance In the application of thermocouple temperature measurement, the hot end is welded and the cold end is open circuited. The cold end is connected to the display instrument through a connecting wire to form a temperature measurement system. Some people worry that if the cold end of the wear-resistant thermocouple is connected to the instrument with a copper wire When reading the MV value, the contact potential generated at the junction of the wire and the wear-resistant thermocouple can cause additional measurement error. According to this law, there is no such error3. The law of intermediate temperature The thermoelectromotive force between the two contacts (T, t0) of the wear-resistant thermocouple circuit is equal to the algebraic sum of the thermoelectromotive force of the wear-resistant thermocouple at the temperature of T, TN and the thermoelectromotive force at the temperature of TN, to . TN is called intermediate temperature application: due to the nonlinear relationship between the wear-resistant thermocouples ET, when the temperature of the cold end is not 0 °C, the actual thermoelectric potential E (T, t0) of the known loop cannot be directly looked up to obtain the hot end. Temperature; the actual thermoelectric power e(T, t0) of the known circuit cannot directly look up the temperature value in the table, plus the cold junction temperature. The temperature measured at the constant temperature end shall be corrected according to the law of intermediate temperature. Beginners often do not follow the law of intermediate temperature to correct 4. The reference electrode method uses high-purity platinum wire as the standard electrode. It is assumed that the positive and negative electrodes of the NiCr-Nisi wear-resistant thermocouple are respectively paired with the standard electrode, and its value is equal to the value of the NiCr-Nisi.u200d
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