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Capillary thermometer pictures

by:JVTIA     2020-11-26
Capillary thermometer and pressure type thermometer. Pressure type thermometer is based on the sealing temperature measuring system and saturated vapor pressure of liquid evaporation temperature, the change of the relationship between the thermometer for temperature measurement. When bulb feel temperature, saturated vapor produced the corresponding pressure in the closed system, cause the change of curvature elastic element, make its produce a shift in the free end, again by the displacement amplification mechanism of gear into the indicated value. Pressure type thermometer with a bulb small volume, fast response, high sensitivity and direct reading, etc. Instrument for the share of capillary thermometer pictures for your reference, we can be customized according to your requirements, the corresponding parameters can be customized according to your need, easy to use. Capillary thermometer is suitable for measuring all kinds of industrial occasions for copper corrosion medium temperature, if the medium corrosion were role should choose anti-corrosion type. Pressure type thermometer is widely used in machinery, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry for the temperature measurement and control in the process of production.
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