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Causes of errors in platinum-rhodium thermocouples

by:JVTIA     2022-04-25
Platinum-rhodium thermocouple products have the characteristics of arbitrary bending, strong shock resistance and small outer diameter, and can support temperature measurement at multiple angles and different states. Next, the editor of Shanghai Ruicheng Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. will explain to you what is the reason for the error of platinum-rhodium thermocouple? 1. When the platinum-rhodium thermocouple measures the furnace temperature, when the temperature of the middle part of the thermocouple exceeds 800c, the insulation resistance drops, and the thermocouple shows an abnormal phenomenon, which is called shunt error. Since the insulating material of the sheathed thermocouple is powdered magnesium oxide, the insulation resistance of the thermocouple decreases by 1 digit for every 100 digit increase at high temperature. When the temperature in the middle part is high, there must be leakage current, which will cause the output potential error of the thermocouple shunt. 2. When the temperature of the middle part exceeds 800°C, a shunt error may occur, and as the temperature increases, the size will increase exponentially. Therefore, except for the measurement side, please try to avoid other parts above 800. To achieve the above purpose, platinum rhodium thermocouples can be placed in the tube and cooled and cooled by air or nitrogen. The temperature of the middle part of the platinum-rhodium thermocouple should be below 800. 3. The middle part with a temperature higher than 800 degrees of the heating belt has a higher temperature, a heating area, a larger distance measurement end, and a larger shunt error length. Therefore, the length of the heating zone is not to reduce the shunt error at the end of the measurement far from the above heating, but to be shortened as much as possible. The magnitude of the parallel error is related to the type and diameter of the platinum-rhodium thermocouple, the insulation resistance between the thermocouple wires, the parallel position and the distance between the measuring ends, etc. In order to reduce or avoid the error phenomenon in the actual measurement experiment, the parallel error is qualitatively analyzed The reasons for this were taken, and corresponding measures were taken to carry out targeted improvement plans.
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