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Cement plant special wear-resistant thermocouple _ what instrument is used in the production

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Cement plant summary of special wear-resistant thermocouple ordinary wear-resistant thermocouple for protecting tube material performance problems, can't meet temperature conditions of high temperature resistant, resistant to erosion, resulting in shorter service life of thermocouple, often need to change equipment, transmission signal not guaranteed, add a lot of work to staff instrument maintenance, this kind of phenomenon is in the national cement industry is universality of trouble. Cement dryprocess winding kiln production line with the relevant tertiary cylinder, four cylinder, five cylinder cone temperature, central, preheater decomposing furnace temperature characteristics of smoke, the temperature of the kiln head cover, my company for high temperature resistant, resistant to wash a lot of work on thermocouple tube material, and confirmed by the experiment many times and use the nm recrystallization thermocouple has long service life, good heat transfer performance, oxidation, thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, resistance to erosion, nodules, slagging, easy installation and use, and many other advantages, can be used to measure 600 ~ 1200 ℃ temperature measurement occasions, is now the corundum, alumina, graphite, oxide, silicon carbide and other ordinary thermocouple protection tube material is unable to substitute. Cement plant special wear-resistant thermocouple technique index 1, briefly explain cement plant is special wear-resistant thermocouple is usually and DCS, PLC, digital display table, recording instrument and electronic regulator. It can directly measure triple tube three times, four bottles, five buckets, duct, decomposition furnace, preheater smoke chamber, kiln hood, temperature range of 600 ~ 1320 ℃. 2, no temperature measurement range and the permissible error product special name dividing measuring temperature ( ℃) Allowable deviation ( t℃) Cement plant wear-resistant thermocouple b0 ~ 1680 + 1. 5 ℃ or ( or) ±0. 25% ts0 ~ 1450±1。 5 ℃ or ( or) ±0. 25% tk0 ~ 1150±2。 5 ℃ or ( or) ±0. 75%te0~780±2. 5 ℃ or ( or) ±0. 75% t3, nominal pressure refers to the thermocouple protection tube at room temperature circumstances can the static under external pressure and not broken, atmospheric pressure of 67 mpa or greater. In fact, the permissible working pressure is not only related with the protection tube material, diameter, wall thickness, and structural forms, installation methods, in depth, and the measured medium velocity and types and so on. 4, thermal response time step change in temperature, thermocouple output change value is equivalent to 50% of the change, need time for the thermal response time, using t0. 5 said. 5, thermocouple insulation resistance ( Room temperature) Normal temperature insulation resistance of the test voltage for the dc 500 v + 50 v, atmospheric conditions of measuring insulation resistance at room temperature for 15 ~ 35 ℃ temperature, relative humidity 45%. For thermocouple length more than 1 m, it's normal temperature insulation resistance and its length is the product of not less than 100 m Ω m. The RRL acuity 100 m Ω ml > 1 m type: rr - L - thermocouple temperature insulation resistance value The length of the thermocouple. For the length of the thermocouple is equal to or less than 1 meter, it's normal temperature insulation resistance shall be not less than 100 m Ω. 6 ℃, ceiling temperature insulation resistance limit temperature test temperature of t ℃ resistance m Ω 100 tm or less high precision, strong anti-interference ability, long service life. The convulsions of good performance, high heat transfer coefficient. Thermal shock, high temperature resistance, resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance. Nodules, slagging. 4 ~ 8 mm wall thickness. Rapid response function, strong stability. Any alternative protection tube length. Can be used without preheating. A variety of installation. Optional local display, built-in transmitter. Using the environment temperature range wide, work stable and reliable. Cement plant shows special wear-resistant thermocouple features high wear-resisting performance: nm alloy steel material hardness hv > 27 gpa, in all kinds of medium has an extremely low wear rate and friction coefficient, and have self lubricating effect, the material has excellent wear resistance at high temperature, especially suitable for cement production line of the special wear resistant temperature measurement occasions.
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