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Cement plant types and application characteristics of special wear-resistant thermocouple is what _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Cement the characteristics of special wear-resistant thermocouple 1, high precision, high service life 2, antioxidant, corrosion resistant, high coefficient of heat transfer, do not scale the wall thickness according to the measured temperature reached 4, coat to protect six standard 5, strong stability, can choose according to the length of the coat protecting tube 7, can directly measure the temperature at the scene of the production, do not need to test 8, with a variety of installations, wide measuring temperature of 9 types of coat protecting tube 1, abrasion and high temperature alloy under high temperature environment, specially designed pure alloying by vacuum smelting, high temperature oxidation resistance and high temperature strength of special wear-resistant high temperature alloy, the forging overall drilling. Processing less defect and high reliability, high temperature strength wear-resisting comprehensive performance is good, price is higher, temperature 800 ~ 1200 ℃. 2, the composite casting wear-resistant alloy composite technology used to join particle wear-resisting, high temperature alloy matrix precision casting molding. Without turning processing, casing high hardness, resistance to high temperature oxidation, but with a little casting defects do not affect high temperature wear resistance and impermeability, is the use of common high temperature resistant casing, price moderate, temperature 800 ~ 1200 ℃. 3, ion permeability tungsten carbide substrate by ion permeability injection technology for stainless steel on the surface casing injection of tungsten carbide particles. Hard, high strength, high Gao Ren, special wear-resisting, wear-resisting layer thickness of 0. 5 ~ 1. 5 mm, rigid toughening, smaller diameter to phi 8, good surface quality, use temperature 0 ~ 800 ℃. Cement plant special wear-resistant thermocouple is mainly composed of junction box, connection pipe, special protection, insulation, terminal blocks, special inner casing pipe, hot electrode formed the basic structure, and is equipped with a variety of installed components, in the options at the same time optional integrated temperature transmitter. Thermocouple protection tube wall thickness is commonly: 4 ~ 8 mm ( According to measuring temperature place) 。 The protection tube is designed for cement plant, its role is to extend the c3, c4 and c5, preheater, decomposition furnace, tertiary duct smoke, kiln hood of the service life of thermocouple temperature measuring point. When installing the product, can according to different various industrial measurement and control points, the advance in the kiln tube blank or protection, and select the corresponding specifications of special thermocouple. Protecting tube length choice: inserting depth in furnace + + part exposed outside the furnace wall thickness = total length. In the process of production, installation or replace thermocouple, please place the thermocouple slowly into the furnace and the fixed connection device. In process measurement and control point temperature measurement for a long time at 1100 ℃, the cement work special wear-resistant thermocouple has about 60 working days or so, because I silk is in a state of high temperature for a long time, its precision will produce tiny change, can change to the requirements of the process of thermocouple temperature measurement components.
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