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Cold chain logistics how to use temperature and humidity sensor?

by:JVTIA     2021-01-11
In logistics transport ingredients, is higher, to the requirement of environment since ancient times, people used to dig the cellar, use ice cubes method is used to store transport some easy metamorphism of fruits and vegetables, such as technology is developing rapidly cold-chain transport vehicle, fresh agricultural products circulation around more and more quickly. For long time is engaged in the cold chain transportation, should pay attention to the details of the cold chain transportation already know. But to people who wants to enter the cold-chain transport some matters needing attention, is not very clear, when these reefer cargo, mistakes will cause loss, so what problem should note in refrigerated cargo shipment? Full of temperature and humidity control to ensure the goods quality refrigeration can say is the most important step in the whole transportation, different goods for packing case temperature requirement is different, but in the process of concrete transportation temperature setting or depending on the specific situation of the transportation. If not clear how much container should be set temperature, and the owner communication, made sure the need to set temperature, cooling operations in strict accordance with the requirements, ensure the quality of the goods, in case the unnecessary loss. In the course of carriage, and always pay attention to the temperature of the box, if the temperature is too high, is the need for refrigeration and lower temperature, if the temperature is too low, is to raise the temperature, make the temperature inside the box was always maintain in a reasonable range. With the development of science and technology, now a lot of refrigerator is very high degree of automation, if use the traditional temperature and humidity measuring instrument, also needs the human to operate, is often difficult to achieve precise control, while the use of wireless temperature and humidity sensor, the predetermined temperature and humidity range, automatic trigger refrigerating unit and ventilation system, temperature and humidity can be perfectly controlled within the required range. The temperature of the temperature and humidity sensing element can effectively measure for gas, liquid or solid, in addition, the sensors can also detect power is low, the checksum to improve communication reliability. This is all thanks to its high performance sensitivity, precision and stability, and easy installation of the screw thread structure provides the reliability of using in harsh environment. Temperature and humidity of mechanical and electrical interface simplifies the installation work, which can meet different customers' specific application needs, can also be easily compatible with the existing most applications. 物流运输的食物材料,环境要求相对较高,从古代,人们用来挖地窖,冰块和其他方法来存储和运输一些水果和蔬菜更容易恶化,现在科技的快速发展冷链运输车辆,这样的新鲜农副产品流通速度越来越快。 对于那些从事冷链运输很长一段时间,冷链运输的细节必须注意。 但对于那些想要进入这个行业,冷链运输不是很清楚一些注意事项,在这些冷藏货物的装运,稍微贫穷池将导致损失,然后在冷藏货物的发货要注意什么问题? 温度和湿度控制的整个过程,确保产品的质量。 制冷可以说是最重要的步骤在整个运输环节,不同的货物温度要求不同的容器,但具体运输过程温度设置或取决于交通的具体情况。 如果还不清楚有多少温度容器应该设定,与托运人,显然理解所需的温度设置,严格遵循制冷的要求操作,确保商品的质量,为了防止不必要的损失。 在运输的过程中,我们应该注意容器的温度,如果温度过高,我们需要冷却的温度,如果温度太低,我们应该调节温度,所以容器的温度总是在一个合理的范围内。 随着科学技术的发展,许多冰箱是高度自动化。 如果使用传统的温湿度测量仪器,他们也需要人力操作,往往难以准确控制。 温度和湿度可控制在要求范围内。 温度传感元素的温度和湿度传感器可以有效地测量气体,液体或固体,此外,该传感器可以检测低功率,校准,提高通信的可靠性。 这一切都是由于其灵敏度高,测量精度和稳定性,而简单 - 安装螺纹建设提供了可靠性在严酷的环境下。 许多机电接口简化了安装温湿度传感器,可以满足不同客户的具体应用需求和容易兼容大多数现有的应用程序。
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