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Common faults and treatment methods of thermal resistance

by:JVTIA     2022-03-24
The common thermal resistance is the most commonly used temperature detector in the middle and low temperature area. It is not only widely used in industrial measurement, but also made into a standard reference thermometer. The following four common fault phenomena and treatment methods are analyzed: 1. Fault phenomenon: the indicated value of the thermal resistance displayed is lower than the actual value or the indicated value is unstable; possible reasons: there are metal chips, dust, dirt between the terminals in the protection tube and Thermal resistance short circuit; treatment method: remove metal chips, clean dust, water droplets, etc., find the short circuit point to strengthen the insulation. 2. Fault phenomenon: the indication of the thermal resistance is infinite; possible reasons: the thermal resistance or the lead wire is short-circuited or the terminal is loosened, etc.; treatment method: replace the resistor body or weld and tighten the wiring screws, etc. 3. Fault phenomenon: the display meter indicates a negative value; possible reasons: the wiring between the display meter and the thermal resistance is wrong or the thermal resistance has a short circuit; treatment method: correct the wiring, or find the short circuit, and strengthen the insulation. 4. Failure phenomenon: the relationship between the thermal resistance value and temperature has changed; possible reasons: the thermal resistance wire material is corroded and deteriorated; treatment method: replace the thermal resistance.
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