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Commonly used winding temperature online measuring method

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
At present, the on-line measuring method of transformer winding thermometer in summary can be divided into direct measuring method and indirect calculation method and thermal simulation method. ( 1) Direct measurement method: this method generally embedded temperature measuring element in the manufacturing process, stabilization, the more points the more accurate measurement, but maintenance technology is complex, the price also is very expensive. ( 2) Indirect calculation method, is based on the indirect calculation method, the formula of hot load with sufficient accuracy, so use this method for transformer winding hot spot temperature measurement is a kind of economic, simple and practical way of winding hot spot temperature measurement. It is based on the assumption of transformer thermal model, formula to calculate the temperature of hot, this is a classic method of transformer winding hot estimate, has a certain accuracy, is a practical and effective measuring method. ( 3) Thermal simulation method: because of the installed on the transformer temperature measuring equipment over a period of time after the operation precision is reduced, measurement error increases, there is hidden trouble, has stopped using the thermometer in the grid.
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