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Compensation conductor introduction _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Compensation conductor should be respectively suitable for index number is S, R, J, K, E, T, N type thermocouple and temperature display instrument between the electrical connection, in order to improve the precision of temperature measurement. Compensation conductor should be divided into extension and compensating. Compensation conductor should be according to the performance of thermoelectric special tolerance can be divided into different precision level ( Symbol S) And regular grade ( Symbols not) 。 Thermocouple compensation wire products adopt special performance: compensation wires can be - 60 ~ 260 ℃ environment, is the ideal automation units. Has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power automation thermometer table of single point or multipoint connection. Product standards: thermocouple compensating conductor: GB/T4989 - 94 thermocouple compensation wire: Q / 3 SQL07-20831 96 with special performance: using temperature: heat resistant level: - 65 ~ + 200 ℃ and - Two 65 ~ + 260 ℃; Regular grade: - 40 ~ + 70 ℃ and - Two 40 ~ + 105 ℃. Small bending radius: compensation conductor: no 8 times greater than the wire; Compensation wire: sometimes no more than 12 times of overall diameter wire, all six times greater than the wire diameter.
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