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Design and application analysis of fabric air duct in low space

Design and application analysis of fabric air duct in low space


Fabric air duct is commonly used in the construction industry for ventilation and air supply. This new type of air conditioning duct product plays an important role. Generally speaking, fabric air duct with its unique quality specifications in a variety of large conference centers, office buildings will be widely used. But how much do you know about the fabric air duct in the low space?

We will find that in many large office places, we will find that the area of the office is small, therefore, when installing the fabric air duct, you need to arrange along the wall, along the beam, along the column, as far as possible to save space to improve the beauty. At the same time, because there are various pipes and ground shelves on the top of the low space supermarket, the height limit is very strict, which makes the pipe diameter requirements strict, and the air volume needs to be equally divided according to the area.

Especially for relatively low rooms, we must pay attention to the installation and layout of the fabric air duct, because the whole ground is covered with production equipment, and the distribution of personnel is uneven. You can arrange multiple small pipe diameter fabric air duct system evenly in an integral area. At the same time, but also according to the whole multiple small pipe diameter bag air duct system in a whole area uniform layout, and the beauty of the whole fabric air duct and the height of the space to design, in the design, the layout of the fabric air duct and the location of the air outlet equipment must be carried out at the same time.

Do you have a clear understanding of the application and analysis of fabric air duct in low space now? We will find that fabric air duct has developed rapidly in many industries, especially the construction and real estate industry. Especially for the office with a ceiling, you can use the form of a semicircle to decorate the top in the middle, but also can use a quarter of the form along the corner of the wall to decorate the wall around.

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