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Dexter Industries Will Open-source New Thermal

by:JVTIA     2020-07-01
Washington DC, June 15, 2011: Dexter Industries, a pacesetter in manufacturing sensors for LEGO MINDSTORM, announces that it will open-source its new Thermal Infrared Sensor for the LEGO MINDSTORM. In market first, the company will give you full hardware and software details on the sensor in an effort to encourage young engineers to understand LEGO MINDSTORM sensors. Dexter Industries developed the sensor in response along with need by the RoboCup Jr. Rescue community. The sensor was originally designed to be able to help students build robots simply find warm objects in the maze. Because the Thermal Infrared technology allows for measurement of object temperatures, the sensor can be utilized in K-12 physics, chemistry, engineering, and STEM programs and projects. With a growing national interest in STEM education, Dexter Industries hopes to sell the sensor internationally to schools and educational clusters. By opening the source code and design among the sensor, the company will encourage interest in STEM education and encourage students to develop skills in physics, chemistry, programming, and engineering.Dexter Industries is quite company to offer a Thermal Infrared sensor for LEGO MINDSTORM. The sensor can detect and look at the surface temperature of objects, as well as the ambient temperature. Dexter Industries is a manufacturer of advanced sensors and peripherals for the Mindstorms NXT system. The produces a wide range of sensors for education and hobbyists. Their offerings include solar power systems, a GPS guidance system, and pressure temperature sensors for your Mindstorms NXT system. More information on Dexter Industries can be found here:
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