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Does Jiutian has product showroom?
For Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd, the showroom is another step to better cater to consumer needs. It may offer a compelling and high-touch experience to our customers. We are working on it, and we welcome customers to visit our factory. Though our online resources provide product details such as colors, sizes, and specifications, the listings can't give our customers the feeling of experiencing industrial thermometer suppliers in person. For that, customers usually want a showroom. We welcome our customers to experience our products in person. We set out samples that allow visitors to interact with products. We also share product demo videos on our website or on our Facebook page that walk our customers through the uses, applications and benefits of.

Excellent in manufacturing dial thermometer, Jiutian has built up a brand reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including rtd thermometer. Processed by advanced lens processing equipment, the optical lens of JVTIA k type thermocouple is up to the quality standard in light industry such as illumination transmission capacity. It will not react with gas, oil, or other substances. This product is super easy to clean. There are no dead corners or many slits which easy to gather residues and dust. It proves to support the explosion-proof operation.

We are working across the business to create new packaging solutions that reduce waste and improve circularity through reuse and recycling of materials.
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