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Does JVTIA enjoy high popularity?
The prevalence of JVTIA keeps rising by days. Each year, we're honorarily encouraged to attend large-scale national and worldwide exhibitions to market our products and expand our popularity. We're specialized in producing JVTIA with wonderful quality while supplying thoughtful service for clients, which helps us gain great recognition extensively.

Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is a company engaging in the production of thermistor temperature sensor. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers in the domestic market. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including rtd thermometer. This product has no electrical safety problem. A built-in protection system on the board helps avoid electric leakage. It can resist certain impacts and external collisions. Quality is the most important part and Jiutian will pay much attention to it. The product will not deform under the impacts caused by temperature change.

We care about the community, the planet, and our future. We are committed to protecting our environment by executing strict production plans. We are putting every possible effort in reducing negative production impact on the earth.
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