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Explain the working principle of thermal resistance temperature measurement in detail

by:JVTIA     2022-03-24
Thermal resistors are the most commonly used temperature detectors in low and medium temperature regions. The thermal resistance temperature measurement is based on the addition of the resistance value of the metal conductor with the increase of temperature to measure the temperature. Its main features are high measurement accuracy and stable performance. Among them, the measurement accuracy of platinum thermal resistance is the highest. It is not only widely used in industrial temperature measurement, but also made into a standard benchmark. Thermal resistances are mostly made of pure metal materials, and platinum and copper are the most used materials. In addition, nickel, manganese and rhodium have begun to be used to make thermal resistances. There are many kinds of temperature-sensing materials commonly used in metal thermal resistance, and platinum wire is the most commonly used. Metal thermal resistance materials for industrial measurement include copper, nickel, iron, iron-nickel, etc. in addition to platinum wire. The principle of temperature measurement of thermal resistance is based on the characteristic that the resistance value of conductor or semiconductor changes with temperature. Measure temperature and temperature-related parameters. Thermal resistances are mostly made of pure metal materials, and platinum and copper are the most widely used. At present, materials such as nickel, manganese and rhodium have been used to make thermal resistors. The thermal resistance generally needs to transmit the resistance signal to the computer control equipment or other secondary surfaces through the lead wire. The main type of ordinary thermal resistance can be known from the temperature measurement principle of the thermal resistance. The change of the measured temperature is directly through the change of the resistance value of the thermal resistance. Therefore, changes in the resistance of various wires such as the lead wires of the thermal resistance body will affect the temperature measurement.
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