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Explosion proof thermocouple

Explosion proof thermocouple


In chemical plants, the production site is often accompanied by a variety of flammable, explosive and other chemical gases, steam, if the use of ordinary thermocouple is very unsafe, it is very easy to cause environmental gas explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to use flameproof or intrinsically safe thermocouple as temperature sensor in these occasions. The explosion-proof thermocouple uses the principle of gap explosion-proof to design the junction box and other parts with sufficient strength. All the parts that will produce sparks, arc and dangerous temperature are sealed in the junction box cavity. When the explosion occurs in the junction box cavity, it can extinguish and cool through the gap of the joint surface, so that the flame and temperature after explosion can not be transmitted out of the cavity, so as to carry out explosion-proof.

The explosion-proof thermocouple produced by our company adopts explosion-proof junction box. The shell of the junction box is designed with special explosion-proof structure. The junction box is made of high-strength aluminum alloy by die casting, and has enough internal space, wall thickness and mechanical strength. The thermal stability of the rubber sealing ring meets the national explosion-proof standard. Therefore, when the explosive gas mixture inside the junction box explodes, its internal pressure will not damage the junction box, and the resulting heat can not spread outward. Booster. Shenyang ceramic couple board with high temperature resistance and high frequency is used in the junction box, which has good mechanical strength and pressure resistance, and is suitable for harsh working environment. The couple wire is protected by magnetic beads, with high-quality thermal conductivity and anti vibration performance.

The explosion-proof thermocouple produced by our company conforms to the latest explosion-proof design of international standards. It adopts two chamber explosion-proof structure, easy to replace components, and uses safe and reliable explosion-proof mark diict6. It is suitable for temperature measurement under IIC level, ignition temperature above T6, and explosive gas. The protection tube is made of 304 stainless steel by default. It is suggested that 2520, GH3030 and gh3039 materials can be customized for long-term measurement of more than 800 degrees. 316L material can be customized for anti-corrosion. 1310 material can be customized for anti-corrosion at high temperature. 2.5mm or 3.2mm is recommended for even wire diameter.

Industrial explosion-proof thermocouple as a common component of temperature measurement, usually used with temperature display, recording and other instruments. It can directly measure the surface temperature of liquid, vapor, gas medium and solid in various production processes from 0 ℃ to 1100 ℃. The assembled thermocouple is usually composed of temperature sensing element, mounting fixture and junction box.

K-type thermocouple is made of nickel chromium and nickel silicon, which is the largest amount of base metal thermocouple at present. The K-type thermocouple has high chemical stability. It can measure the temperature below 900 ℃ for a long time in oxidizing or neutral medium and 1250 ℃ for a short time. If it is used in reducing medium, it will receive corrosion quickly, and can only be used to measure the temperature below 500 ℃.

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