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Fabric Air Duct and Specialized Airflow Used to Keep Swimmers Healthy

Fabric Air Duct and Specialized Airflow Used to Keep Swimmers Healthy


Fabric air ducts become more and more popular in various project recently. This is a project about fabric air duct in swimming pool.

The swimming pool was being built and designed, there was a challenge. How could an effective airflow strategy ensure quality ventilation and optimal indoor air quality, without breaking the budget?

The answer: fabric air duct.

Saving Money and Time

The design flexibility in addition to the cost savings of fabric were both major factors enabling the contractor to win the job.  Compared with traditional iron air duct, the flexibility and cost of fabric air duct have great advantages. At the same time, the installation of bag air duct is much faster than the iron pipe. It took only 10 days to install the entire natatorium's air ducts, five days to install a single point aluminum suspension system for fabric ducts, and five days to install the ductwork. And after installation, the fabric system does not require additional sealing, painting, or air balancing.

The ductwork takes 4 to 6 weeks less to install than a traditional iron duct due to faster installation. This means other deals can advance their schedules to complete the entire project more quickly. Also, due to the lightweight fabric piping, hoisting and mounting the ductwork to the ceiling is safer for workers, which allows them to save money on the required lift equipment.


Good ventilation design, especially for a project as large as the swimming pool, is about more than just utility and functionality. Spectators want a nice building to enjoy, and a good line of sight to watch the competition from the stands. The fabric duct looks nice — colored white to match the interior of the building — and its permeability means that airflow through the fabric surface can prevent condensation. And because of the ductwork’s flexibility, it could be ran through the truss supports near the roof (as opposed to under the trusses, which would have detracted from certain areas’ clean line of sight, as well as made the top seating area feel claustrophobic).

Preserving Indoor Air Quality

The health of indoor swimming pools has become a major concern as poorly ventilated facilities around the world have led to respiratory problems that have led to the suspension of some swimming events. Swimmers are sometimes even rushed to emergency rooms in facilities with very poor air quality.

To ensure everyone's safety, the natatorium has installed two large dehumidifiers on the ground. The humidifier reheats the coil through the energized hot air during the dehumidification cycle to recover energy, and recovers the return air energy into the pre-regulated outdoor air through the sensitive energy recovery wheel.

The entire facility is monitored and controlled by building automation systems to preserve ideal temperature and humidity conditions for the safety of all spectators and swimmers.

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