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Fabric Air Duct Packing and Storage

Fabric Air Duct Packing and Storage


Fabric air duct system through the whole wall fiber has its own aperture or uniform distribution of the air out of the hole; That is, permeate along the pipe wall and give out air uniformly; The three-dimensional air outlet is oriented and positioned along the designed holes. The whole air supply is uniform and the air supply range is accurate, with excellent comfort. 

Through this air duct wall fiber permeates the cold air, forming a cold air layer outside the pipe wall, no temperature difference between inside and outside the pipe wall, completely solving the problem of air duct condensation

The use of environmental protection synthetic fiber, manufacturing, installation, use green environmental protection, disassembly, storage, transportation is convenient, can be recycled and reused. Its unique air supply mode, so that the system from the source of energy saving.

The picture shows the fabric air duct packing scene, and because the fabric air duct is soft, so we can fold the air duct then put them into the box. On each box we put the packing list, so that our customer can easy distinguish parts.

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