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Fabric air duct used in greenhouse planting

Fabric air duct used in greenhouse planting


Fabric air duct is a kind of the use of special fiber material, its characteristic is through the permeability of fibrous materials and on the surface of the duct with laser hole forming more holes, so as to achieve the effect of the air evenly distributed, which can replace traditional iron duct, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic duct, phenolic duct air send wind end system.

Modern society has been inseparable from greenhouse planting technology, it has brought people a rich and colorful anti-season fruits and vegetables, greenhouse planting is the most important to control the greenhouse regulation technology. High temperature in greenhouses not only affects the growth of vegetables and fruits, but also easily causes disease and insect disasters, resulting in losses.

So how to control the temperature of the greenhouse?

At present, it is mainly regulated by ventilation and heating in China. The commonly used method is to expose the film for air exchange inside and outside the greenhouse, ventilation to adjust the temperature inside the greenhouse. However, the disadvantage of this method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, increasing the workload of greenhouse managers. With the development of science and technology, greenhouse planting industry gradually introduced high technology to save time and cost.

But with the flow and use of fabric air duct in recent years, air duct ventilation system through the cooperation with the fan, and with the hole air supply technology, not only does not affect the normal growth of plants, but also can quickly ventilate the greenhouse, and the temperature is easy to set, more scientific and more convenient to adjust the greenhouse temperature, help the growth of green plants.  At present, it has been used in vegetables, flowers, ecological restaurants, tourism and other intelligent greenhouse industries.

This kind of air duct has several remarkable characteristics: the material is very light, there is no limit to the load bearing of the greenhouse skeleton, easy and fast installation, time saving, very beautiful appearance, uniform and comfortable air supply.

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