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Fabric air duct ventilation pipe manufacturers talk about the corrosion situation of fabric air duct ventilation pipe

by:JVTIA     2022-07-02
If the fabric air duct ventilation duct has a corrosion problem, what is the cause? What damage will it cause? To solve these many doubts, the following fabric air duct ventilation duct manufacturers will explain in detail for the technical analysis and explanation, so that everyone can clearly understand what to learn, so as to firmly grasp such content and let You can master and use the fabric duct ventilation duct well. Erosion occurs in the ventilation duct of the fabric duct, and its specific parts generally have the following types: performance one: some defects and difficulties in the ventilation duct of the fabric duct, such as scratches, dirt, etc. The second manifestation is: when the surface layer is welded by electric welding, it is used during electric welding, and the color is black and gray, or there are yellow spots or black spots. The surface layer 3 is: a part of the ventilation duct of the fabric duct is corroded. In the above three cases, the corrosion level is getting more and more serious. Once this difficulty occurs, its professional ability of corrosion resistance will be reduced and its service life will be shortened. For the ventilation system, the detection of its airtightness will be reduced, so its hazard cannot be ignored. The main reasons for the corrosion in the ventilation pipe of the fabric air duct are generally as follows: (1) The specific practices in the cutting or manufacturing process are not appropriate when used in the ventilation pipe of the fabric air duct. (2) Corrosion occurs during the entire process of production and production and processing of fabric air ducts, but they will not be treated immediately. (3) The welding process of the fabric air duct ventilation duct is not selected properly, that is, the process is improper. (4) After welding, cleaning, desoldering, repair welding, and post-repair treatment are not immediately performed.
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