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Fabric air duct ventilation system realizes ideal air supply in cold chain warehouse

Fabric air duct ventilation system realizes ideal air supply in cold chain warehouse


With the rapid economic development of pharmaceutical industry, the requirements of various application warehouses are becoming more and more strict. The traditional and old-fashioned warehouse is gradually replaced by the regularization and modernization warehouse, especially the demand of overhead warehouse is more and more popular, and its design is gradually on the right track, but also requires us to constantly improve the design level and summarize the design skills. Among them, there are clear requirements for temperature control and detection of logistics warehouse, and the air supply problem of air conditioning in storage space has also aroused great attention of many relevant enterprises. In order to ensure the uniform temperature and air supply, we also pay attention to the convenience of using the fiber fabric air duct system, low cost maintenance and the final environmental protection and energy saving effect.

The larger the area of pharmaceutical logistics warehouse, the higher the refrigeration effect of air conditioning. Generally speaking, if the pharmaceutical logistics warehouse with an area of tens of thousands of square meters strictly follows GSP standards, central air conditioning should be configured for air supply in the cooling requirements of cool and normal temperature warehouses. The combination of bag air duct and central air conditioning creates the best environment for the medicine warehouse.

The main application advantages of fabric air duct are embodied in the following three points:

1.Surface type air, air volume, no blowing sense

The fabric air duct health ventilation system adopts the unique surface air outlet mode of the whole pipe wall fiber permeating air and microporous jet, with large air outlet area, large air volume, low wind speed, no blowing sense and excellent comfort.

2.The whole air supply is evenly distributed

Fabric air duct health ventilation system through the fiber gap of the whole pipe wall or evenly distributed through the design of multi-row holes, air distribution at each point is uniform, to achieve the real ideal overall uniform air supply.

3.Easy to clean and maintain, healthy and environmentally friendly

Because the fabric air duct health ventilation system is convenient to disassemble and assemble, it can be convenient to wipe and clean the pipe, so as to improve the clean quality of indoor air and meet higher requirements for health and environmental protection. The new GSP standard puts forward higher requirements for drug storage environment and tailor-made ventilation system according to user's different environment.

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