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Fabric Duct ADTEC Project

Fabric Duct ADTEC Project


The case is JvtiaDuct in Southeast Asia ADTEC project.

The warehouse area is 6000 square meters, for large space, the fabric duct is designed in different diameters. The diameters are 700mm, 600mm and 500mm,with the company logo and product reminder, the custom color number 2044C is adopted, the diameter is reduced, and the top height is the same, which is convenient for hanging and installation.

The air conditioning equipment is connected to the GI branch pipe and then turns round to connect the seamless fabric duct, which is designed for customers with the application of independent patented technology CFD technology.

In the space, different positions in order to achieve customer customized air supply mode, different positions of wind speed, air volume customized air, air supply from the outlet hole, one-way and two-way air direction, hole size and spacing according to different needs to achieve the air supply effect.

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