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Fabric duct ventilation duct manufacturers talk about common problems in installing fabric duct ventilation ducts

by:JVTIA     2022-07-03
Fabric air duct ventilation duct manufacturers talk about common problems in installing fabric air duct ventilation ducts. Let's take a look with you below. Common fabric duct ventilation duct installation problems. 1. The tin vent pipe supports are treated for anti-corrosion. 2. Fire safety fume exhaust pipe system software, airports and air valves should use non-fuel, and the Chinese national standard GB50243 thin-wall, thick high-voltage hot-dip galvanized smoke exhaust pipe software should be used. When the fire safety fume extractor equipment is installed on the roof, certain maintenance measures should be taken. 3. Power-on plugs need wire tubes, threading tubes, raw materials and metal bellows or capelli and duck neck machinery and equipment should be closed into a curved drop shape, fire safety facilities and machinery and equipment lines should have special fixing clips to better Prevent falls. 4. Fabric air duct ventilation duct, ventilation and cooling equipment use soft butt-jointed three-layer textile fireproof material, 15-30 cm long, and should end the length and electrical crossing. All anchor bolts are the same length. Three main body grounding devices, ventilation and cooling equipment, mechanical equipment and equipment foundation in the middle of the power load should be adopted, and anti-shock measures should be taken for weapons and equipment. 5. When the exhaust pipe is required to change direction, reduce diameter, bifurcated pipe or header pipe, it is not suitable to use box-type pipe fittings, but if necessary, cyclone scattering and static pressure box should be used, and the cross-sectional wind force of the box should not exceed 1.5m/s; The pipe diameter of 5-10 times the pipe diameter in the middle of the hose is sensible, and the flexible metal material pipe or non-metal material soft connection is not suitable for the length of more than 2 meters, ignoring the whole process of the equipment, the pipe bending and Take over the length of more than 20 meters, plus the anti-hazard structure publishes the room exhaust fan, interactive support. 6. The distance between the fire safety valve on both sides of the partition wall of the evacuation outlet and the wall should not exceed 20cm, and the thickness of the partition wall and the metal material pipeline partition wall should be 2~3mm. 7. The fire damper is used in the gas compression system to provide system software, generally applicable to the fire damper 70°, the exhaust pipe fire damper is 280°. When the air inlet and outlet are vertical, the height-width ratio of the smoke and dust light wind system software shall not be less than 3 meters, and when installed horizontally, the horizontal spacing shall not be less than 10 meters. The above is a detailed introduction to the installation of fabric duct ventilation ducts, and I look forward to helping you.
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