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Fabric duct ventilation duct manufacturers talk about the common problems of installing fabric duct spiral duct

by:JVTIA     2022-07-03
The market sales of threaded air ducts are generally divided into three types according to materials: hot-dip galvanized threaded air ducts and composite threaded air ducts. What are the common problems in the installation of fabric duct ventilation ducts? The following fabric air duct ventilation duct manufacturers will accompany you to take a look. Common fabric duct ventilation duct installation problems. 1. The tin vent pipe supports are treated for anti-corrosion. 2. The software of the fire-fighting pipe system, the airport and the air valve should be selected without materials, and the Chinese national standard GB50243 thin-walled hot-dip galvanized flue and hot-dip galvanized flue gas high and overpressure system software should be applied. Certain maintenance measures should be taken when setting up fire-fighting fume extractor equipment on the roof of the building. 3. The exposed plugs must have wire tubes, threading tubes, raw materials and metal bellows or capelli and duck neck machinery and equipment should be integrated, and should be bent into a drop shape, fire facilities and machinery and equipment lines must be dedicated Retaining clip for better protection against falls. 4. Fabric air duct ventilation duct, ventilation and cooling equipment use soft buttted three-layer woven flame retardant material, advocate 15-30 cm long, and should end the length and electrical crossing. All footfish need the same length. Under the action of the dynamic load, the three actors should be grounded, the ventilation and cooling equipment, the mechanical equipment and the equipment foundation in the middle of the dynamic load should be equipped with shock-absorbing countermeasures. 5. The ventilation pipe is required to be redirected, changed in diameter, changed in fork or changed in flow channel, which is not suitable for van-type pipe fittings, but if necessary, the cyclone dispersion and static pressure container, and the box-shaped cross-section wind force above 1.5m/s are used; soft 5-10 times the pipe diameter between pipes is sensible, flexible metal material pipes or non-metallic material soft connections are not suitable for lengths exceeding two meters, disintegration and chamfering are ignored, during the whole process of equipment, pipes are bent and taken over The length is more than 20 meters, plus the anti-damage structure will release the room exhaust fan, the interactive bracket. 6. The distance between the fire safety valve on both sides of the partition wall of the evacuation exit and the wall should not exceed 20cm, and the partition wall and the metal material should pass through the same thickness of 2~3mm steel plate. 7. The fire damper is the software used to shrink the gas supply system. The commonly used fire dampers have a range of 70° and 280°. When the air inlet and outlet of the light wind system software are vertical, the height-width ratio is not less than 3m, and the horizontal spacing is not less than 10m during installation. The above is a detailed introduction to the installation of fabric duct ventilation ducts, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
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