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Features and Applications of Type K Thermocouples

by:JVTIA     2022-04-27
As a kind of temperature sensor, K-type thermocouple is usually used in conjunction with display surface, recording surface and electronic regulator. It can directly measure the surface temperature of liquid vapors and gaseous media and solids in various production ranges from 0 °C to 1300 °C. K-type thermocouples are usually composed of main components such as temperature sensing elements, device fixtures and junction boxes. It is the most widely used cheap metal thermocouple, and its consumption is the sum of other thermocouples. K-type thermocouple has the advantages of good linearity, large thermoelectromotive force, high sensitivity, good stability and uniformity, strong anti-oxidation function, and low price. It can be widely used in oxidative inert atmosphere and is widely used by users. Cannot be used directly in sulfur, reductive or reductive, oxidative replacement atmospheres and in vacuum at high temperatures, nor is it recommended for use in weak oxidizing atmospheres. 2: K-type thermocouple features 1. Detection (temperature measurement) element Thermocouple is one of the most commonly used temperature detection elements in the industry. It is necessary to match the secondary surface, and its advantages are: ①High measurement accuracy. Because the thermocouple directly touches the measured object, it is not affected by the intermediate medium. ②The measurement scale is wide. Commonly used thermocouples can be continuously measured from -50 to +1600 °C, and some special thermocouples can measure as low as -269 °C (such as gold-iron-nickel-chromium) and as high as +2800 °C (such as tungsten-rhenium). ③Simple structure, easy to use. Thermocouples are usually composed of two different metal wires, and are not limited by size and initial, and have a protective sleeve outside, which is very convenient to use. 2. According to the scale and accuracy of temperature measurement, the thermocouple with the corresponding graduation number is selected. The operating temperature is 1100~1600 °C. When the required accuracy is relatively high, the B-type thermocouple is usually selected; the required accuracy is not high, and the atmosphere is allowed to use tungsten rhenium. Thermocouple, tungsten-rhenium thermocouple is usually used when the temperature is higher than 1600 °C; when the operating temperature is 1100~1400 °C, the accuracy is relatively high, and S-type thermocouple and N-type thermocouple are available; below 1000 °C, K-type thermocouple and N-type thermocouple are usually used. Thermocouples, E-type thermocouples are usually used below 400°C; T-type thermocouples are usually used for measurements at 240°C and negative temperatures. T-type thermocouples are stable and have high precision at low temperatures.
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