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Feilong K/N/J Type Small Thermocouple

Feilong K/N/J Type Small Thermocouple
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In industrial production, temperature is one of the important parameters that need to be measured and controlled. In the temperature measurement, the thermocouple is widely used, and it has many advantages such as simple structure, convenient manufacture, wide measuring range, high precision, small inertia and easy transmission of output signals. In addition, since the thermocouple is a passive sensor, it does not need an external power supply for measurement. It is very convenient to use, so it is often used to measure the temperature of the gas or liquid in the furnace, the pipe, and the surface temperature of the solid.

Thermocouple (thermocouple) is a commonly used temperature measuring component in temperature measuring instruments. It directly measures the temperature and converts the temperature signal into a thermoelectromotive force signal, which is converted into the temperature of the measured medium by an electric meter (secondary meter). The shape of various thermocouples is often very different due to the needs, but their basic structure is almost the same, usually composed of hot electrode, insulating sleeve protection tube and junction box, etc., usually with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic adjustment Used in conjunction with the device.


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K, J



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Metal shielded wire



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Stainless steel thread



A thermocouple is a temperature measuring element that directly measures the temperature of an object and is widely used. Thermocouples have the advantages of accurate temperature measurement data, fast response time, and easy operation. There are many industries that can be applied. Here are four industries.

1. The power industry. Anyone who has worked in the power industry or has experience in the power industry knows that temperature measurement is very important in the power industry, and because of the advantages of thermocouples, it is usually the case in most power industries. Thermocouples are used.

2. The petrochemical industry. The petrochemical industry can play a vital role in people's lives. It can be said that without the petrochemical industry, cars can't function normally, but what many people don't know is that the application of thermocouples in the petrochemical industry is quite extensive because of thermocouples. It can directly contact the material to be measured, and the relevant staff in the petrochemical industry need to know the temperature of petrochemical pipeline or petrochemical equipment from time to time. Therefore, thermocouple plays an important role in the petrochemical industry.


3. The metallurgical industry. The metallurgical industry is the abbreviation of the smelting metal industry. Many people know that temperature in the metallurgical industry is a very important element, and the metallurgical industry has a big difference with other industries, that is, the temperature data touched by this industry is usually It is relatively high and the temperature range is very wide. The thermocouple's temperature range is between minus 40 degrees and minus 1600 degrees. This range is called the normal thermocouple. If it is a thermocouple made of special materials, the temperature range will be longer than this value range. More broadly, the thermocouple's temperature range can meet the needs of the metallurgical industry, and it is also widely used in the metallurgical industry. 

4. The pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is an industry that is closely related to everyone's daily life. Almost everyone has been exposed to medicine, but many people do not know that in the production process, temperature plays a vital role in pharmaceutical production. In the link, we must strictly control the temperature level and measure the temperature quickly and accurately. Because of the advantages of thermocouples in temperature measurement, it can meet the temperature requirements in pharmaceutical production. It is not surprising why many pharmaceutical industries will Thermocouples are widely used. 

These are the four industries in which thermocouples are often used. In addition to these industries, there are many other industries in which thermocouples can be applied, such as electronics, machinery, and heating plants. It can be said that it is necessary to constantly master the temperature of mechanical equipment. In the industry, thermocouples can work and get applied.

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