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Foodborne Illnesses Can Cause Far more than A Stomachache

by:JVTIA     2020-06-26
When people think about foodborne illnesses, the very first thing that usually comes inside their mind is stomachache. Would you think that foodborne illnesses only cause a stomachache? Then, you better read along. It's estimated that 76 million people be affected by foodborne illnesses in the nation each year, and about 5,000 people die. Though a common symptom of foodborne illnesses is an upset stomach, you may also suffer from dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. As you can see, a stomachache is only one for this symptoms of foodborne illnesses. It should be remembered that people can suffer from foodborne illnesses about 30 minutes after they have consumed unsafe food but in other cases, it can take up to 6 weeks prior to symptoms appear. Let's look at some of the techniques to prevent foodborne diseases. Though foodborne illnesses can be dangerous, the good news is that they could be prevented. Obviously, the most effective way to prevent foodborne illnesses is to maintain an excellent level of cleanliness when you are handling food. Use warm water and soap to give your hands a good wash and after that, remember to dry your hands with paper towel or different one dry towel. Do it before you handle food and also after you have handled food. Some people may think that it is a big hassle but to be safe, you should get ready to take this simple step. Each time a person handle raw chicken or meat, you should also wash and dry the hands. Check to see that all the surfaces for food and tools in the kitchen are clean before it begins by consuming preparing any food. There are also cooking tips to be followed if you want to prevent foodborne illnesses. Before cooking frozen foods, make certain that they are thoroughly defrosted. Barbeques are very popular in the summers but you should pre-cook sausages, chicken, and meat patties before putting them on the pits or ovens. Sometimes when you are unsure if the meat is cooked, you should look at the temperatures with a meat thermometer. When you are cooking, make sure that you separate the utensils to ensure that you will be using your set for raw meat and cooked food. Sometimes, we will have leftovers so it's essential to reheat them throughout until steaming hot. When it comes to chilling your food, you will need check to see that the fridge is set the minimum of 2 degree Celsius and a maximum of 4 degree Celsius. If you are ready to use the perishable foods, they should be kept cold. If you'd like to keep the food cold outdoors, you can use a chilly-bin or an icepack. Always separate the raw chicken and meat from other foods on the refrigerator. Make sure that the raw chicken and meat are properly wrapped to stop any dripping, and additionally a good idea spot these foods beneath the other ready-to-eat foods in the fridge. After cooking, it's cover or refrigerate foods at the earliest.
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