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HEATEC in Shanghai China

HEATEC in Shanghai China


From November 25th to 27th, 2019, our company participated in HEATEC "Shanghai International Heating Technology Exhibition" and its subsidiary BOILER SHANGHAI "Shanghai International Boiler Show", BIOTEC "Shanghai International Biomass Energy Exhibition" and THERMMOTEC "Shanghai International "Thermal Equipment Exhibition" has become the largest and most influential environmental heating and thermal technology exhibition in Asia.

Our company participates in professional industry exhibitions, not only can show its professional strength among peers, but also serve customers more closely.

We believe that through the company's vigorous publicity and promotion, coupled with the follow-up development work, and more information exchange and integration with the industry, so that professional exhibitions truly serve our brand promotion, product display and The display of the company's strength, so that the company's brand effect spreads throughout China and goes global.

The following is the wonderful moment of the exhibition, thank you for your appreciation!

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