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How about production process for RTD?
An entire set of production procedure of RTD needs to be performed from raw materials introduction to completed product sales. In terms of the crafts process, it is the most basic part throughout the production process. Each crafts measure ought to be run by engineers to guarantee the product quality. Offering considerate service is a part of manufacturing procedure. With proficient after-sales support team, Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd can effectively solve the problems.
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Jiutian is regarded as the premier manufacturer and supplier of ip67 junction box. We are widely accepted in this manufacturing industry. Jiutian's temperature controller series contains multiple sub-products. JVTIA thermistor sensor has to go through an entire production process. From concept development, through detailed mechanical design&control systems design, manufacture, and final commissioning, each process is well conducted. It provides a wide measuring range of temperatures. Jiutian has been committed to producing and improving k type thermocouple for many years. We make sure that the products are comfortable, reliable, and affordable.
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