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How about the application prospect of thermocouple company ?
Thermocouple company has been widely found its applications in the industry because of its fine properties. It not only has the preeminent characteristics but also has significant economic benefits. Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd engages with prospects by positioning the right products and services.

Jiutian is an enterprise full of experience and innovation. We are well-known for our strong competence in manufacturing dial gauge thermometer. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including ntc thermistor. The product stands out for its excellent color fastness. Its fabric reaches a saturation point, so it does not need to take any more dye. The product is well received by customers from Europe and South America. Competent with strong R&D abilities, Jiutian will always aspire to launch new competitive rtd thermometer. Logo and label can be printed on the product.

We manufacture products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.
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