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How long it will take for ODM processing?
At Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd, our communication with our customers is efficient; our teams from various sectors coordinate closely with each other; our whole ODM manufacturing process is standardized. All these, together, ensure the high efficiency of our ODM manufacturing. We offer a fast lead time. The specific delivery time also depends on the complexity of your product design and your ordering quantity. We need to know some of your requirements before we can offer more specific delivery time. Please contact us for more specific information.

Jiutian has grown into a reliable manufacturer who specializes in the production of rtd sensor pt100. We are widely accepted in the industry. Jiutian produces a number of different product series, including ntc thermistor. From wafer washing, fabrication to polishing, the production of JVTIA thermometer is under strict quality control. Each step is monitored by our professional technicians. The product is featured by the quick response to temperature change. The product is both practical and aesthetically appealing. The design is carried out from the point of view of ergonomic and the designers adopt the newest clothing trends. The product has undergone coating to have a glossy surface.

We have been long aware of the importance of harmonious development of economic benefits and environmental benefits. We will support environmental protection with science and technology. For example, we will introduce a multitude of environmental-friendly manufacturing facilities to reduce negative environmental impact.
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